July 14, 2016 — Request for Proposal – City of Toronto Business Opportunity – Cleaning up the streets of Toronto

The City of Toronto has posted a new Request for Proposal for up to thirty-four (34) Non-Mechanical Type Street Sweepers.

This opportunity is part of the City of Toronto’s plan to replace all of its non-mechanical fleet of street sweepers by 2019.

The City wishes to select a single qualified Proponent that is well-established in the industry of build/manufacture, delivery and supply of Non-Mechanical Type Street Sweepers.  The successful Proponent will be required to build/manufacture, deliver and supply approximately thirty-four (34) Non-Mechanical Type Street Sweepers as required by the City of Toronto’s Transportation Services Division over a period of a fixed four (4) year term.  The City would like to either purchase the street sweepers or lease them.

Pre-Bid Meeting: Interested Proponents are requested to attend a site /information meeting on July 18, 2016 at Fleet Services, 843 Eastern Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4L 1A2

In order to be considered by the City of Toronto, all applicants will need to ensure that the performance of their Street Sweepers has been verified under Canadian Environmental Technology Verification (ETV).

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) provides an independent evaluation of new technologies with a view to validate environmental claims so that users, developers, regulators, and other parties can make informed decisions about purchasing, applying and regulating innovative technologies.  The City of Toronto’s requirement for ETV verification reinforces the importance and value of independent third-party technology verification and further underscores the growing demand by major cities to ensure that their new technology acquisitions not only perform according to the manufacturer’s claims, but are also environmentally sustainable.

Additional information on Environmental Technology Verification may be requested at: etv@globeperformance.com.

This bid opportunity closes on December 12, 2016. 

Please click here to obtain more information on the Request for Proposal.

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