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Protocols & Procedures

General Verification Protocol

  • Prior to publication of the International Standard, ISO 14034:2016, the Canadian ETV Program’s “General Verification Protocol” (GVP) served as the primary guidance document for all ETV verifications and was used as a basis for the development of the ISO 14034:2016.
  • While all verifications completed by GLOBE Performance Solutions are based on ISO 14034:2016, the ETV General Verification Protocol remains a valuable reference tool for developers who are pursuing independent verification of their technology’s performance claim.
  • This document was created in March 2000 and was substantially revised in February 2007.
  • The GVP is used by Verification Entities in the verification process and offers a comprehensive and rigorous procedure so that all verifications are done in a consistent manner.

General Testing Protocol

To start the process, the technology vendor presents a comprehensive package of information for review. The Verification Organization (VO) then establishes the following:

  1. The application package is complete
  2. The testing agency has appropriate qualifications for conducting the test program
  3. The analytical laboratories are accredited for the analysis required by this test program
  4. There is sufficient technical information about the technology
  5. There is credible test data, for both samples acquired for laboratory analysis and on-site process data

Other Technology Performance Testing Protocols and Procedures

  1. Street Sweeper Protocols
  2. Amalgam ProtocolView PDF
  3. Testing and Verification Protocol for Engine and Vehicle After-market DevicesView PDF
  4. Publicly Available Specifications (PAS) for Testing and Verification of Stormwater Manufactured Treatment Devices in Canada –  June 2023 – Access to PAS Documents
    ●  Compendium of Archived Canadian ETV OGS Procedure and Bulletins (2014-2023)
  5. Protocol for Performance Testing of Drinking Water Treatment TechnologiesView PDF
  6. Protocol for Performance Testing of Domestic Wastewater Treatment Technologies — View PDF

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