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Centre For Wastewater

Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment

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The Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment (CAWT) strives to become a leader in the research, development, improvement, and commercialization of new water-related technologies and solutions. The CAWT is an internationally recognized research institute at Fleming College that conducts research in the areas of water and wastewater treatment. Working with industry partners on emerging concepts to real-world applications, it is our goal to turn innovative ideas into a market advantage for a cleaner world.

Fleming College’s CAWT is comprised of a core group of scientists, faculty researchers, and technologists as well as a community of associates from academic, industrial, and private sectors. These professionals continue to expand the CAWT’s project base, research partnerships, and collaborations in the field of alternative wastewater treatment.

General Inquiries
Phone: 705-324-9144 x 3078
Fax: 705-324-8805
Email: cawt@flemingcollege.ca

Media Inquiries
Phone: 705-324-9144 x 3078
Fax: 705-324-8805
Email: laura.coles@flemingcollege.ca

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