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GLOBE Performance Solutions – Technology Users & Early Adopters
GLOBE Performance Solutions works with Technology Users and Early Adopters to achieve the following:
  • Access to a proven team with the knowledge and expertise to develop and apply technology procurement strategies that address market needs and regulatory requirements, while reducing risk.
  • Development and demonstration of technology options that provide effective performance solutions.
  • Technical assistance in assessing and benchmarking your technology performance requirements.

We do this on three levels:

Level 1

Access to a needs assessment tool to help you understand how your requirements are related to the needs and expectations of other stakeholders.

Do your own needs assessment by downloading THE SELF ASSESSMENT FORM for Technology Adopters

Level 2

Guidance on how to access information on the needs of other users, and their efforts to implement the solutions that best meet their needs.

Level 3

Independent performance testing and verification of proposed technology solutions to meet your requirements through a credible network of independent performance testing and verification organizations across a broad range of markets and technology domains. This includes a technology performance evaluation framework and quality management system to ensure that the results of technology performance measurement and verification are both reliable and credible.

Access to programs and initiatives that support sustainable solutions, add measurable value and create positive alliances with other technology users.

BLOBE Performance Solutions – The Diffusion of Innovation
What we do for all technology stakeholders – Developers, Vendors, Users, Investors
  • Development of quality management options for your organization
  • Customized training on performance benchmarking, verification and quality management
  • Targeted workshops and webinars
  • Outreach, collaborative learning, and continual improvement
  • Access to a dynamic, interactive website

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