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GLOBE Performance Solutions - Technology Validation
GLOBE Performance Solutions helps accelerate the market adoption and deployment of technology-based solutions by providing credible information on performance and market intelligence that creates value and reduces risk.
 Our Validation services support three key stakeholder groups:
  1. Technology Developers & Vendors
  2. Technology Users and Early Adopters
  3. Technology Enablers, including governments, regulatory bodies and other organizations that facilitate technology adoption through standards, guidelines, policies, funding, and investment

We help our clients and industry stakeholders Grow Market Share, Increase Confidence in their Technology Purchases and Facilitate Financing and Investment through:

  1. Third-party verification of technology performance, based on the International Standard ISO 14034:2016 Environmental management — Environmental technology verification (ETV). 
  2. Independent performance validation of technologies and projects based on industry-driven benchmarks and test protocols.
  3. Evaluation of market conditions and competitive analyses of both pre-commercial and commercialized innovative technologies.
  4. Development of high-level credibility through the GPS Consortium –  our team of leading Canadian technical experts, recognized for their performance testing and verification activities.

Need Technology Validation?

GLOBE Performance Solutions validates the performance of technology-based solutions through targeted market assessments, independent performance benchmarking and verification of technologies in collaboration with a team of leading industry testing organizations, stakeholders and regulators.

GLOBE Verified
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