North America’s First Sustainable Technology Validation Platform Unveiled at GLOBE 2012

North America’s First Sustainable Technology Validation Platform Unveiled at GLOBE 2012

Vancouver, CANADA – Companies and organizations looking to build the credibility of their sustainable technologies and innovations now have a new tool to help validate and verify performance. GLOBE Performance Solutions, unveiled today at the GLOBE 2012 Conference and Trade Fair in Vancouver, is an integrated platform that assesses the truth of claims being made by green technology providers and project managers.

“The customer and investor demand for proof of both environmental and economic performance is growing exponentially,”says John Wiebe, President and CEO of the GLOBE Foundation and head of the GLOBE Performance Solutions Consortium. “By leveling the playing field for greening supply chains globally, this new platform will ultimately lead to a system of ‘verify once, accept everywhere’, which is ideal for all parties involved.”

GLOBE Performance Solutions is a collaborative venture by some of Canada’s leading technology testing and verification organizations that have come together to create a global source for credible technology performance information. The platform works for a broad range of users that depend on qualified performance information, builds trust through web-based self-reporting and third-party verification, and provides a credible platform for effective information exchange across multiple markets, regions and countries.

“This new platform provides reliable information on technology performance enhancing the benefits, reducing the risks and accelerating market adoption of technology solutions,” says John Neate, Managing Director, GLOBE Performance Solutions. “It provides every business with a roadmap to verified performance and proves the integrity of environmental performance claims. We’re looking forward to creating a greater sense of reliability in the marketplace and making effective solutions more readily available.”

Driven by the need for quality-assured technology performance information, the platform includes a consortium of independent technology performance testing and verification organizations that together provide a credible global source for performance-based solutions.

GLOBE Performance Solutions Consortium Members: FPInnovations, Centre National en Electrochimie et en Technologies Environnementales, Walkerton Clean Water Centre, Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment, Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies, Process Research ORTECH, Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute, Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence.

GLOBE Performance Solutions serves both supply-side and demand-side clients, including developers and users of technologies. Its four business areas are:

Performance Solutions ONLINE: a Web-based platform to enable credible assessments of technology solutions and
technology user needs.
Performance Solutions VALIDATION that will undertake independent performance validation of technologies and
projects through a consortium of qualified performance testing and verification organizations.
Performance Solutions ADVISORS that will help companies navigate their path towards sustainability.
Performance Solutions ACCESS that will accelerate market adoption of innovative technologies and projects by
reducing financial and technical risks.

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