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This Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) of The Stormwater Management StormFilter® (StormFilter)  is the first part of a two-part verification process and entails the verification of performance claims (#1 & 2) based on laboratory testing in accordance with the New  Jersey  Department  of  Environmental Protection (NJDEP)  Laboratory  Protocol  to  Assess  Total  Suspended  Solids  Removal  by  a  Filtration Manufactured  Treatment  Device  (January,  2013). This verification complements the subsequent verification of field testing data, collected in accordance with The Washington State Department of Ecology emerging stormwater treatment technologies, in accordance with guidelines identified by Ecology (2011) in the Technology Assessment Protocol – Ecology (TAPE).

The Stormwater Management StormFilter® (StormFilter) is a manufactured treatment device that is provided by Contech Engineered Solutions LLC (Contech). The StormFilter improves the quality of stormwater runoff before it enters receiving waterways through the use of its customizable filter media, which removes non-point source pollutants. The StormFilter is typically comprised of a vault or manhole structure that houses rechargeable, media-filled filter cartridges. Stormwater entering the system percolates through these media-filled cartridges, which trap particulates and remove pollutants.  Once filtered through the media, the treated stormwater is discharged through an outlet pipe to a storm sewer system or receiving water.


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