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Kraken® Membrane Filtration System (TAPE)

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Kraken® Membrane Filtration System
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This Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) of the Kraken™ Filter is the second part of a two-part verification process and entails the verification of performance claims based on field testing data collected in accordance with The Washington State Department of Ecology emerging stormwater treatment technologies, in accordance with guidelines identified by Ecology (2011) in the Technology Assessment Protocol – Ecology (TAPE).

Kraken® Membrane Filtration System (“Kraken® Filter”) is an engineered storm water quality treatment device utilizing a reusable membrane filter designed to remove high levels of TSS, hydrocarbons, particulate metals and nutrients found in contaminated storm water. Each filter contains a large surface area which is designed to deal with high TSS and particulate concentrations. The large surface area of each filter allows it to operate at a loading rate from one fifth to one twentieth the loading rate of other media filtration devices to improve longevity. The Kraken® Filter is different from other membrane filters in that it has separation chambers that are utilized as a form of pre-treatment for floatables, oils, coarser sediments and other suspended particulates. By filtering out the coarser material prior to reaching the membrane filters, the efficiency of the unit is increased and maintenance requirements reduced.

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