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EWS is one of the world’s leading suppliers of modular thermal treatment and WTE technology for solid and liquid waste.

Our unique dual chamber combustion process, combined with our step-hearth technology, means we deliver a proven, bankable solution for military and natural resource companies, small and remote communities and industries looking for waste disposal and energy recovery solutions.

Our Story
The genesis of Eco Waste Solutions (EWS) wasn’t a garage, a ‘business incubator’, or a barn. It came from the most likely of sources: the fire and molten metal of Canada’s Steeltown, Hamilton, Ontario. With expertise in combustion process and metallurgy, the two founders of Eco Waste Solutions set out to address the global need for better waste solutions in the most environmentally-responsible manner possible.

Until the 1990s, the uncontrolled thermal treatment (or incineration) of waste was environmentally unacceptable. In 1993, Eco Waste Solutions developed an innovative product and process to thermally treat and reduce waste while meeting stringent environmental regulations and waste-reduction targets. A patented process was soon developed, which married waste reduction with the elimination of environmental concerns.

Commercial success was almost immediate with a sale to the Canadian Department of National Defence for a remote Arctic base. This was quickly followed by projects for a community in Alaska and medical waste treatment in the Caribbean.

R&D is at the Heart of What We Do
Over a period of 10 years, EWS invested heavily in research and development, including extensive environmental testing and independent verification of performance.

It was quickly discovered that the key to safe and effective waste combustion was contingent on the optimal control of the process’ parameters and in making real-time adjustments as required by the actual conditions in which the systems would be operating. This meant continued advances in the thermal treatment process as well as improvements to the control system and user interface, to ensure a system that could seamlessly dispose of any kind of waste at the push of a button.

Modular. Durable. Deployable.
Our equipment has evolved into a unique, durable and modular system that could be easily transported and deployed on location. Together with the technological advances in reducing the emissions of harmful dioxins and furans, this made the EWS technology the solution of choice for customers requiring point-of-need solutions in remote areas or when operating in extreme conditions.

EWS soon grew a strong following in mining and oil & gas, military and defense, and remote communities. We became an industry leader, winning multi-million dollar contracts with organizations such as Barrick, DeBeers, Vale, NATO, the Canadian Department of Defense and the US Air Force.

EWS Today
We’ve never lost sight of the research and development and commitment to continuous improvement that got us here.

Every year, EWS invests in R&D and proactive improvements that seek to address our clients’ needs – both today and in the future.

That’s why we’re currently the only company which has commercialized a containerized, mobile product which meets EU regulations for environmental performance. The combination of our reliable, environmentally-friendly technology and market-changing user interface has been the foundation upon which we have built our business.


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