Green Mining Initiative – Technology Performance Verification Pilot Project

July 17, 2014 — GLOBE Performance Solutions (GPS) is pleased to work with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) CanmetMINING and Environment Canada on the Green Mining Initiative (GMI) Technology Performance Verification Pilot Project. This initiative aims to demonstrate the growing importance and value of environmentally sustainable technology in the mining industry and the benefits of independent technology performance verification through the Canadian Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program.

GPS will collaborate closely with our Consortium member and Verification Expert, the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI), to complete technology performance verification for the NRG1-ECO® Ventilation Control System, developed by BESTECH of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. BESTECH’s technology performance claim is that installation of the NRG1-ECO® Ventilation Control System enables an underground mine to reduce the energy consumed by its ventilation fans by at least 20%, while maintaining a safe working environment for the underground workers. Greater efficiencies in mining ventilation not only allow mine operators to realize higher energy savings, but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Performance testing and data collection at the Vale Coleman Mine in Sudbury, Ontario are currently underway, and expected to be completed by early September 2014.

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