Stakeholder Workshop on Advancing Community Biogas Technologies — March 18, 2014 – Hamilton, Ontario

GLOBE Performance Solutions and our partners at Environment Canada and the City of Hamilton look forward to welcoming you to our  Stakeholder Workshop on Advancing Community Biogas Technologies.

The purpose of the Stakeholder Workshop is to further efforts under the US-Canada Clean Energy Dialogue (CED) to advance clean energy technologies. The CED was launched in February 2009 to strengthen bilateral collaboration on clean energy science and technologies and seek solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The CED is implemented by EC, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), and the US Department of Energy (US DoE).

The Stakeholder Workshop aims to advance renewable energy deployment and distributed generation sources, thereby enhancing the resilience of communities and reducing their carbon footprint. It expected that the Workshop will help inform the CED and future Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) efforts to facilitate the deployment of community-based biogas technologies.  The Workshop will contribute to this by:

  • Encouraging dialogue amongst Canadian and US stakeholders in industry, academia and government who have an interest in the development and application of community-based biogas technologies; 
  • Identifying the technology performance expectations and verification needs of key stakeholders related to community-based biogas technologies; and 
  • Identifying opportunities for and barriers to the advancement and widespread deployment of community-based biogas technologies, such as gaps in knowledge, insufficient research and development (R&D) investment, market acceptance, capital and operating costs, technology risk, etc. 

An additional important outcome from the Workshop is the opportunity for the Canadian ETV Program to move forward later in 2014 with possible development of a procedure or protocol to assist in the assessment and performance verification of anaerobic digestion (AD) and combined heat and power (CHP) technologies.

Key Workshop Documents Available for Download



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