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SciCLONE™ Hydrodynamic Separator

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SciCLONE™ Hydrodynamic Separator
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The Bio Clean SciCLONE™ hydrodynamic separator (also known as an oil grit separator) consists of a prefabricated concrete structure with various internal components designed to maximize the flow path of stormwater, protect against sediment scour and capture/retain light liquids.  It removes pollutants from stormwater runoff using a series of flow splitters, weirs and baffles.  The device traps suspended particulates by promoting gravity settling, and although not tested in this verification, the unit is also designed to capture and retain floatables and light liquids such as oil through an oil/floatables skimmer.

The unique design of the SciCLONE™, with a flow splitter, oil/floatables skimmer, and outlet weir maximizes the flow path and minimizes velocity for maximum performance. The system is designed to be installed online and process high flows internally. Higher flows are able to pass over the top of the flow splitter without impedance, under the oil/floatables skimmer and to the outlet. The outlet weir creates less turbulent conditions into the pipe and thus reduces head loss during peak flow conditions. The outlet weir also contains one or more weep holes on the horizontal deck to allow the water level to return to a level even with the inlet of the outlet pipe following a storm event.

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