Protocols and Procedures

General Verification Protocol

  • The Canadian ETV Program has a “General Verification Protocol” (GVP) that provides the criteria and process for doing any verification.
  • This document was created in March 2000 and was substantially revised in February 2007.
  • The GVP is used by Verification Entities in the verification process and offers a comprehensive and rigorous procedure so that all verifications are done in a consistent manner.

Canadian ETV Program General Verification Protocol

General Testing Protocol

Canadian ETV Program General Test Protocol

Other Technology Performance Testing Protocols and Procedures

1) Street Sweeper Protocols

2) Amalgam Protocol

3) Testing and Verification Protocol for Engine and Vehicle After-market Devices 

4) Procedure for Laboratory Testing of Oil-Grit Separators – updated June 2014

Revisions to the Canadian ETV Program Procedure for Laboratory Testing of Oil-Grit Separators

5) Protocol for Performance Testing of Drinking Water Treatment Technologies

6) Protocol for Performance Testing of Domestic Wastewater Treatment Technologies


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