Developers and Vendors

  • Access to a proven team with the knowledge and expertise to develop technology deployment strategies that address market needs and overcome regulatory barriers.
  • Development of customized technology demonstration and commercialization roadmaps for accelerating the market adoption of your technologies.
  • Technical assistance in profiling the performance of your technology in three important ways:

Level 1 – Access to a self-assessment screening tool to help you understand how your technology performs and measures up to the competition. The opportunity exists for you to post your own performance assessment on our dynamic website.

Self-Assessment for Technology Providers (Developers and Vendors)
Do your own self-assessment by downloading the Self-Assessment form for Technology Providers

Level 2 – Guidance on how to profile and post customer testimonials on the performance of your technology.

Level 3 – Independent testing and verification of the actual performance of your technology through a credible network of independent performance testing and verification organizations across a broad range of markets and technology domains. This includes a technology performance evaluation framework and quality management system to ensure that the results of technology performance measurement and verification are both reliable and credible

  • Access to market opportunities through our relationships and interactions with demand-side clients.
  • Linkages to other national and international technology verification and certification programs.

Downloadable Files

GPS Brochure
GPS Brochure (français)
GPS & ETV Program Fact Sheet
GPS & Programme VTE – Fiche de Renseignements (français)
Canadian ETV Program Applicant Information Package
Self Assessment for Vendors

Consortium Members

Centre des technologies de l’eau

Centre for Advancement of
Trenchless Technologies

Centre for Alternative
Wastewater Treatment

Centre National en
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Edmonton Waste Management
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Good Harbour Laboratories

The Living City CAMPUS

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